Simply put, an impacted tooth is one that has not erupted from your gumline. You canine teeth are located on each side of your two front teeth, and are so named because their pointed shape resembles a that of dog’s teeth. They are also sometimes called “eye teeth”. You use your canine teeth to grip and bite your food. If you have a canine tooth that did not erupt, the chances that it will do so on its own decrease as you get older. In such cases our orthodontist, Dr. Rusty Jones may work with an oral surgeon to solve the problem with an impacted canine exposure in Phoenix, Arizona.

The surgeon will lift the gum from the impacted canine tooth to expose it, and if another tooth has been blocking the canine, it will be removed at that time. Then, the surgeon will attach a chain to the canine, which has been connected to an archwire. This chain will help guide the tooth into its proper place. Later, Dr. Jones will attach a rubber band to the chain which will apply a very small amount of force to the canine tooth to assist it in erupting.

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