An underbite is a condition in which the lower jaw extends further than it should, forcing the lower front teeth in front of the upper teeth. In many cases, an underbite is caused by an upper jaw that is not growing as quickly as the lower jaw.

For young children, one of the most effective ways to address this problem is through the use of facemask therapy in Phoenix, Arizona. The mask is typically used to pull the upper jaw forward and then down to correct the underbite. The facemask may be used in conjunction with a palatal expander. Usually, the mask is worn anywhere from 8 to 12 hours in the evening, or even overnight; our orthodontist, Dr. Rusty Jones, will discuss with you when would be the best time for your child to wear the mask. Although every case is different, treatment time usually lasts between six to nine months. If this type of treatment is used at the appropriate time, your child may be able to avoid corrective surgery later in life.

If you child has an underbite, we will be happy to see them at our offices in West Valley, South Phoenix or Surprise. Call us today and a member of our team will schedule your child for an appointment.