Token Rewards Program


You can earn up to two tokens during every scheduled appointment, based on:

1 Token

  • Wearing your Rusty Jones Orthodontic shirt to school and your appointment. (Note: This does not include emergency appointments.)
  • If Dr. Jones believes you have demonstrated excellent oral hygiene, and great brushing and flossing.
  • Staying current on dental cleaning; bring in a copy of your next scheduled appointment (Note: Must be six months away)
  • Being an awesome student! At the end of the semester bring in your current report card! You’ll earn a point for all As and Bs. 
  • Giving back to the community. (Note: Must supply proof of service; i.e., form, certificate, etc.)

3 Tokens

5 Tokens

What Patients Are Saying

  • “My son has had his braces on for the past 3+ years, and he just recently got them taken off. Through the years the staff and Dr. Jones have always been remarkable! Dr. Jones was always walking around with a smile and the aura around him is amazing! I can't express enough how helpful, pleasant and warm everyone is.”

    ~ Carolina G.

  • “ I had absolutely awful teeth before I came here. I had braces here for two years and a couple months. Even with my financial troubles, they found a way to make it easy and affordable. Rusty Jones is a great doctor and he makes me feel super comfortable. My teeth look great now and I am so happy with them. I would recommend this office to anyone.”

    ~ Emma L.

  • “Every time I went in, I received great customer service from the staff. The staff was so nice and always smiling. I always felt comfortable asking questions, and they always work with my schedule to give the best time for my appointments... I highly recommend Rusty Jones Orthodontics to friends and family. If you need braces, this is the place to come and get the great smile you have been wanting to have.”

    Emma L.